Δήμος Τορώνης, Χαλκιδική Μακεδονίας
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Municipality of Toroni

The municipality of Toroni occupies the southern part of Sithonia peninsula (middle foot) and includes the villages Toroni, Tristinika, Porto Koufo, Sykia, Kalamitsi and Sarti.

The beaches of the region are famous and organized, with wonderful clean water, which for another year (2008) is awarded with the Blue Flag.
The tourist infrastructure of the region is high, with many choices of accommodation and entertainment.

You will find many accommodations of all types and all categories, shops, entertainment and restaurants. Whatever your preferences are, you will definitely be satisfied with the wide variety of choices in the area.

Luxury hotels, large units, small family businesses, accommodation for calm, accommodation in central locations near the sea, high standard rooms, cheap accommodation, camping on the sea, are completing the
puzzle of a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

The friends of sea sports, the fanatic walkers, the followers of tradition and culture, the believers of fun, the nature lovers, the lovers of sea ride by boats and fishing ships but also those who love the traditional food, will find here the appropriate destination.

Cultural Events:
  • The traditional feast of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost), (Sykia).
  • The traditional festival in June, the three days of the Holy Spirit with music, dancing and dramatic performances. (Sykia).
  • The feast of the Virgin Mary in 15th of August. Three days events (Sarti).
  • The traditional feast of St. Athanasios (18 January) (Sykia).
  • The horse racings of St. George.
Products of the region:
Fishes, local meats, beans, goat cheese, honey, olive oil, olives, wine, raki, home textiles, several silk textiles.

Food - Entertainment:
Restaurants, taverns, pizzerias, cafes, bars, summer cinemas.

All water sports, diving schools, hiking trails, Agion Oros cruise by boat from Sarti.

  Toroni [Chalkidiki: Sithonia, Municipality of Toroni]

This small village, with its glorious history, gave its name to Toroneos Bay and played an important role in Greek history.
Today, the village is a small settlement extended along the beautiful beach.

According to mythology, Toroni was the wife of the sea demon Proteus the son of Neptune, and mother of two children Polygonas and Tilegonas who challenged Hercules to wrestle with
  them, τwhen the hero returned from the country of the Amazons. Hercules, of course, defeated and killed them.
The city was colonized by Chalcis at the end of the 8th BC century. In 480 BC was forced to help Xerxes in his campaign against the South Greece. Then Midikas joined the First Athenian Alliance. Defected in 424 BC and joined Brasidas, the Spartan general, but throughout the course of the Peloponnesian War was the apple of discord between the Athenians and Spartans, and that is because Thucydides mentions it often.
In 348 BC it was conquered by Philip II of Macedonia. In 168 BC, after the battle of Pydna and the dissolution of Macedonian kingdom, the Romans invaded it. The ancient city was one of the largest and richest cities of Chalkidiki

During the first Byzantine period, the city was declined. The 14th AD century, the whole area was already a part of the monasteries of Agion Oros.
In the classical period, the city had two citadels, one to the south, near the highest part of it, and another in Lykithos, the small fortified peninsula near the port. Lykithos was fortified and the Roman and the Byzantine times.
The fortifications of the city - towers and walls of a certain height - were survived in a good condition by the end of the last century when the material was used as blocks to clad the streets of Istanbul and Thessaloniki. Today, only a few traces of their foundations are visible.

Sightseeing - Archaeological Sites:
The Early Christian church of St. Athanasios. It was built in the 5th AD century and it is an aisled basilica. It destroyed by a fire in the 6th AD century and another church was built on its traces, which also destroyed. Today, the mosaic of the middle aisle is preserved in a good condition.
From Thessaloniki 145 km.
Municipality of Toroni tel.: 23750.41.906
Hotels, rooms to let, apartments, studios, camping of Toroni

  Tristinika [Chalkidiki: Sithonia, Municipality of Toroni]

A picturesque village of Municipality of Toroni, near the sea with fine sandy beach. It was built in the 14th century. The tradition says that a river was crossing it to provide the amount of water the workshop needed to work to process wool garments.
Tristinika is a diminutive and means small well.
  By others, the meaning of the word refers to a battle where the invaders were three times more from the people that had to kill three enemies each to win (tris and nika, in Greek tris=three, nika=win).
From Thessaloniki 142 km.
Hotels, rooms to let, apartments, studios, camping of Tristinika

  Porto Koufo [Chalkidiki: Sithonia, Municipality of Toroni]

The sight of the harbor from above is unique, as huge rocks rising above a bay, which looks incredible on the lake, since the very small opening to the sea is barely visible.
The cape behind the rocks of the bay was named in antiquity as Derris. Porto Koufo was the ancient port of Toroneos, a safe anchorage for the Toronian ships.
  The port has up to now its ancient name, since by then called Koyfo port, in Greek Koyfo is the deaf, because the ancients claimed that whoever was in the bay could not heard all the noise of the sea. This port was even used as a metaphor for anyone who did not hear well, said to be "kofoteros the deaf (Toroneos) port". (More deaf of any who is deaf).

Porto Koufos is the safest and most natural harbour in Northern Greece and is almost always filled with all kinds of vessels.
Today is a quiet little village of fishermen that smells fresh fish.
From Thessaloniki 146 km.
Hotels, rooms to let, apartments, studios, camping of Porto Koufo

  Sykia [Chalkidiki: Sithonia, Municipality of Toroni]

The biggest village and one of the finest and oldest villages of Sithonia. The settlement has existed since the 14th century, with the name Logos and it was the centre of the administrative district called "Kapetanikio Apro". Later, the village and the whole surrounding area with its fertile land was a dependency of Agion Oros. The Sykiotians were famous warriors and untamed people and participated in all revolutions that took place
  in Chalkidiki, against the Turks.

The nowadays name is owed to a large fig tree (Sykia) that stood outside the village, or by another version, that is built in the shadow (in Greek Skia) of Agion Oros. The village has managed so far to keep quite well its traditional architectural character and Sykiotians remained intractable and very hospitable people and maintained their own dialect and their very distinct dances. It has nice, small, narrow streets with well-preserved houses with loggia and terraces.

In the northern hill of the village dominates the imposing stone church of St. Athanasios, which was built in 1814, destroyed in 1854 (from the Macedon chieftain Tsamis Karatasos, who burned the Turks inside the church who were dominating Sikia by then) and rebuilt in 1856. Beside the temple is the wonderful old village school with stone columns, built in 1870.
The village is about 2 km from the main road to the mainland.
The nearby beaches are superb.

Sightseeing - Archaeological Sites:
  • The church of St. Athanasios.
  • The old school.
  • The ruins of a Byzantine church in Episkopi.
  • The windmills on the beach.
  • The prehistoric castle on hill Coukos.

  • At Sykia is living and working the self-taught artist (of stone), Philemon Zilotis. A stoned chiseller with the hammer, the matrakas, the needle and the cutter is giving to stone shapes of people, lions, masculine busts. His passion is the ancient Greek spirit and the " immortals" of the country: Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Democritus, Plato and Pavlos Melas who chiselling with care on the dark granite stone with scattered " sparks"of blue, white, black, yellow and gold located in Kalamitsi and Dragounteli.
    From Thessaloniki 155 km.
    Hotels, rooms to let, apartments, studios, camping of Sykia

      Kalamitsi [Chalkidiki: Sithonia, Municipality of Toroni]

    A quiet, seaside village, with stunning beach with white, fine sand and gray rocks around.
    In this idyllic beach, landed on 6 April 1854 the rebels of Macedon chieftain Tsamis Karatasos, who had come from Evia through Sporades islands to rouse the Greeks of Chalkidiki.
    From Thessaloniki 157 km.
    Hotels, rooms to let, apartments, studios, camping of Kalamitsi

      Sarti [Chalkidiki: Sithonia, Municipality of Toroni]

    The village of Sarti is located in the prefecture of Chalkidiki, at the peninsula of Sithonia. It was founded after the Asia Minor disaster by refugees living in the small island, the Ofioua (Afisia) located in the Marmara Sea.
    Those refugees's first stop was Lavrion. But soon informed by the Greek State that in Chalkidiki there is a place with
      abundant fisheries and croplands,and so moved from 1923 to 1925 in this geographic area. The current name of the village (Sarti) comes, according to historical data, from the King Sartio or Sarti, who lived in this area and he built a state at this land, the Sartoupoli, which sank.
    Sarti now numbers about 1000 inhabitants. In the summer, because of the heavy tourist traffic, are increasing rapidly reaching the 15,000 to 20,000 thousand people.
    It is a beautiful village with clean beaches and unique beautiful bays, attractions, rooms, hotels, restaurants, tourist shops.
    The most tourists are gathering in mid-August when its church celebrates.

    Sightseeing - Archaeological Sites:
  • The dependency of Xiropotamos.
  • The works (sculptures and paintings) of the popular     artist barba-Zafiris in the village cafe.
  • The cultural centre (building of stone)
  • The Kavourotripes (crab holes)
    From Thessaloniki 142 km.
    Hotels, rooms to let, apartments, studios, camping of Sarti

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