Καλάβρυτα, Αχαϊα, Πελοπόννησος
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At just 77 km from Patras and 200 km from Athens, Kalavryta is one of the most popular winter tourist's destinations in Greece.

The rare natural beauty, the strong traditional elements, the historical monuments and the peace that echoes the lush landscape, are captivating thousands of tourists yearly.

The pedestrianization of the town-centre of this historic city offers to every visitor the opportunity for walks in the sounds of nature, exuding the warmth and the tranquillity that modern man is seeking.

The historical community of Kalavrita, established in the martyred city of Kalavrita, consists of the municipal villages of Kalavryta, Ano Vlasia, Ano Luca, Valta, Vilivini, Goumenissa, Doumena, Drosato, Kalifonio, Candalo, Kato Vlasia, Kato Zachlorou, Kato Luca, Kerpini, Kertezi, Korfon, Koutelis, Krioneri, Lagovounio, Lapanagon, Manesi, Mikros Pontias, Petsaka, Plataniotissa, Priolithos, Prophet Elias, Rogia, Sigoyni, Skepasto, Trechlo and Flabouro.

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In the center of the square, the clock of the Cathedral of the city is stopped at the time of execution of all men of the city, bringing up to mind the destructions of the Second World War.

Opposite the clock is the palace of Paleologina, which is assumed that was built by Thomas Palaeologus, that indicates the existence of links of this place with the Byzantine Empire. This cultural inventory of the city of Kalavryta, which is declared as a historical monument by the Ministry of Culture, has survived all the disasters that this city has seen through the centuries.

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In a short distance from the town of Kalavrita, worth visiting the famous monastery of Agia Lavra, in which was declared and blessed the Revolution of 1821 by the priest Paleon Patron Germanos.
This historic monastery founded in 961 AD by the ascetic Athos Athanasios at the area of Palaiomonastiro. The original monastery was destroyed and sacked three times by the Turks and the Albanians, while the present building dates from 1950.
There are priceless treasures in the sacristy of the monastery, such as the flag that was raised perforated by bullets, the vestments and the pastoral rod of Paleon Patron Germanos and the full of diamonds Gospel, a gift of Catherine the Great of Russia.

Another unique monument, within half a kilometre from the city center, is the sacrificial place where we find the sculpture of "Kalavrita's mother". On December 13, 1943, 1300 men were led by the Nazis at Kapi Hill and executed. At this place there is now a cross of 8 meters in height, reminiscent of the heinous crime of execution of all men of the city.
On the columns surrounding the site listing the names of the families of executed and in the catacomb there are small hanging lamps on equal number to the number of men who lost their lives unexpectedly.
Every year on December 13th, after the memorial ceremony in the cathedral of the city, mournful procession ends at the place of Sacrifice, where is committed another memorial ceremony.

For guests seeking a thrill, irreplaceable is the path on the course of Odontotos Railway that connects Diakopto with the city of Kalavrita. The construction was completed in 1896 by Charilaos Trikoupis and owes its name to the gears (teeth) in the middle of the course which keeps the train from the setback because of the large hill. The small train crosses the beautiful and lush ravine of Vouraikos, offering unique emotions to each passenger as unfolds in front of his eyes a landscape of incredible natural beauty. Most important is the station of Zachlori, a picturesque village, from which starts the path that leads to the Monastery of the Great Cave.
The monastery was built in 362 AD by Symeon and Theodore brothers of Thessaloniki and is considered to be the oldest in Greece. It was destroyed several times by wars and fires and was restored as many. The tradition says that the Virgin Mary Monastery is the protector of Odontotos, which is why there are no accidents over the years on this railway network.

In this monastery is preserved and a priceless heirloom. This is a picture of the Virgin Mary, which was discovered in 362 AD in a cave of Chelmos, and is crafted by the hand of St. Luke. Today thousands of believers flock each year and worship it devoutly.

Lovers of hiking combine in this way the trip with Odontotos and walking, all to the accompaniment of the magic of nature.

Already, since 1988, there is a Ski Resort at Xirokambos only 14 km from Kalavrita. The modern facilities and the unique natural beauty of Chelmos attract thousands of visitors every year. At the top of Neraidorahi of Chelmos at an altitude of 2340 meters, is installed and functioning the hyper-modern Athens observatory telescope, which observes objects located 5 billion light years away. Its name "Aristarhos" is an honor to the ancient astronomer Aristarchus.

Guests of Kalavrita worth visiting and the legendary Cave of the Lakes in the village Kastria, located 17 kilometres away from the city. This cave is a unique creation of nature as 13 lakes spread out incrementally over three floors and makes it unique in the world. The plethora of stalagmites and stalactites adorn the interior of the cave and give to visitor an unforgettable experience.

Useful information (code +0030)
Municipality of Kalavryta: 26920.22.390 - 26920.24.410 - 26920.24.411
Police: 26920.23.333 - 26920.22.213
Hospital: 26920.22.724 - 26920.22.222
Ski Center: 26920.24.451
Municipal Museum of Holocaust: 26920.23.880
Dimakopoulios Library: 26920.23.418
Odontotos Railway (Rog Railway): 26920.23.189
Odontotos, Zachlorou Station: 26920.24.442
Bus Station: 26920.22.245
Taxi: 26920.22.224

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