Achaia Clauss, Αχαϊα, Πελοπόννησος
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Achaia Clauss

Patra, 1854

The Bavarian Gustav Clauss, fascinated by the cultural quality of the Achaean capital and the taste dynamics of its delicious vines, decides to create the first wine community in Greece.
He builds a residential complex with cathedral towers, bell-shaped, that enables an entire village to live, work and grows, around the core of winemaking. Over time, the passion and the wisdom of Gustav transformed the small winery into a wine complex, which becomes the cradle of legendary wines. In 1873, was created the warm, deep purple, dessert, sweet and wild wine, Mavrodaphne.
Shortly thereafter, the flavour and the dynamics of Moschato Patron will create the homonymous wine with the fragile charm. The year 1901 is marked by the harvest that Gustav Claus brings from the mountain slopes of Kalavrita and bottles Demesticha for the first time in Greece.
Demesticha becomes the ambassador of Greek winemaking methods and removes the borders as it spreads rapidly the reputation of Gustav's winery to the edge of the earth. Laying the foundations of scholarly winery, he delivered to the followers of his work, the love and the serenity of the land and of the place that accepted and hosted him.

Achaia Clauss Achaia Clauss Achaia Clauss Achaia Clauss Achaia Clauss

Patras, 1919

ACHAIA CLAUSS passes in Greek hands. The gradual modernization of facilities and of winemaking techniques begins. The traditional wine making technique is kept, as the irrefutable evidence of the contribution of Achaia CLAUSS to rhizome of the refined wine in Greek reality.

The reputation of Achaia CLAUSS has spread to more than 40 countries in the word. 156 International Awards, 15 great prizes, 51 gold, 38 silver medals and numerous patents, which are hosted by Daniilidou Cellar, and prove the validity of Achaia CLAUSS in the world wine market.

Its love for fine wine, its persistence in improving the quality and the undoubted expertise has ranked it among the most competitive wineries in the world, which aims to highlight the hidden secrets of the Greek Vineyard and to their exploitation to the maximum degree.
Achaia Clauss

Achaia Clauss

Achaia Clauss Achaia Clauss Achaia Clauss Achaia Clauss Achaia Clauss

Patras, today

Achaia CLAUSS is an entirely modern winemaking business, which, apart the wine activity, has spread to other areas, such as the organizing and the holding of conferences in modern lobbies, the organizing of regional Exhibitions and the availability of its traditional rooms for cultural events.

Approximately, two hundred thousand visitors per year have the opportunity to become acquainted with the living legend called ACHAIA CLAUSS and to taste the products. A real oasis, the ACHAIA CLAUSS delivers the beauty and its history through time and to those who love it and care to maintain its unique status. As a part of this place that was suffering, was glorified and developed. As a page from the book of our history that stubbornly refuses to fade.
Information for Achaia Clauss Visiting - Conducted tours
March to September
10 am - 6 pm
Conducted tours every 1 hour until 4 pm

October to February
9 am - 5 pm
Conducted tours every 1 hour until 3 pm

Tour Operator
Ms. Tonia Raptis
Tel: 2610.580.102
Fax: 2610.325.051
But retains all the freshness and the aroma of the adventures that have been unfolded since 1854, when the untamed young Boehme and bon viveur Gustav Klaus blended the manners, customs and civil status of that era, creating, piece by piece, the oldest and most famous ambassador of Greece in the world, creating indelible traces of winemaking.

Achaia Clauss Achaia Clauss Achaia Clauss Achaia Clauss Achaia Clauss

The Achaia-CLAUSS wineries since 1861.

With passion for the fine wine. With knowledge, which only the experience teaches. With dedication to the art created legendary wines. And it continues to generate hits, bottling the best of the viticulture and of winemaking traditions of our country and exploiting, in an admirable way, the Peloponnesian vineyards and its excellent varieties.

Since 1861, it continually wins honours and top awards that made known to the world the achievements of Greek winemaking. From 1861, it offers to Greece and to more than 40 countries worldwide unique wines that capture the entire philosophy of ACHAIA CLAUSS. The philosophy of the Greek wine producer.

Οίνοι Λευκοί Ξηροί
Filampelo, Peloponnesian local wine from the noble varieties of Chardonnay and Roditis from semi-mountainous Achaia. Oinokastro, Wine Patras Ο.Π.Α.Π., from selected semi-mountainous Achaia Roditi.

Sta. Helena, Pylias local wine, a fine example of the white winery of Chardonnary and Ugni Blanc.
Pelopas, Peloponnesian local wine from semi-mountainous vineyards of Achaia Roditi and Chardonnay of Pylos.
Demestica, table wine from selected grapes of the Peloponnesian vineyards.

Neanikos, a local wine of Pylia, gifted with the intractable nature of Chardonnay.

Οίνοι Ερυθροί Ξηροί
Chateau Clauss, local wine of Petroto Slopes from the vineyards of Achaia Clauss, matured in the cellars of its towers.

Selection of barrels, wine Nemea Ο.Π.Α.Π., from the fine variety of Agiorgitiko Nemea, aged in small oak Allier barrels.
Cava Clauss, aged wine from exuberant Cabernet Sauvignon and Agiorgitiko Nemea.

Pelopas, Peloponnesian local red wine made from selected Agiorgitiko Nemea and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Demestica, table wine from red varieties of the Peloponnesian vineyards.
Danielis, the famous wine of Achaia Clauss from Agiorgitiko Nemeas.
Leontios, Ο.Π.Α.Π. Nemea wine, aged, by selected Agiorgitiko of the delimited Nemea vineyard.

Οίνοι Γλυκείς - Vins de Liquer
Moschatos of Patras, Ο.Π.Ε. liqueur wine, from white moschato from the defined zone of Patras.
Melissea, naturally sweet wine, Moschatos of Rio Patras Ο.Π.Ε., made from sun-dried muscat grapes.

Mavrodaphne Patras, Imperial "601", Ο.Π.Ε. liqueur wine, aged in oak barrels.
Mavrodaphne Patras, Reserve "601", liqueur wine Ο.Π.Ε. multi-year aging in Trieste barrels in the Imperial Cellars of Achaia Clauss.

Mavrodaphne Patras, Grand Reserve "601", liqueur wine Ο.Π.Ε. Wine Treasure of twenty years of aging in oak barrels in the cellar No. 9 of Achaia Clauss.
Achaia Clauss

Achaia Clauss

Achaia Clauss

Achaia Clauss

Achaia Clauss

Achaia Clauss

Achaia Clauss
Photographs: Myrto Adamantiadis
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